The Seychelles are considered one of the world’s most beautiful tropical island destinations.  Located 1,000 miles east of the African coast in the western Indian Ocean, at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, the archipelago consists of 115 islands. Total land area of 444 sq. km. is spread over 1.3 million sq. km. of the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar.

The International Business Companies Act 2016 governs the operations of offshore companies.

    Key features of the Seychelles IBC: 

    • Competitive government license fees
    • Not liable for Seychelles tax on foreign sourced income
    • Simple corporate structure - minimum requirement of one shareholder and one director
    • Register of Beneficial Owners is required to prepare as corporate record
    • Information on shareholders and beneficial owners is not available for public inspection
    • First directors are required to be appointed within 9 months of incorporation
    • Register of Directors is required to file with the Registry
    • No minimum share capital is required and it can be expressed in any currency
    • Shares can be issued with or without a nominal or par value
    • Chinese company name and Chinese Memorandum and Articles of Association can be registered with the Registrar
    • No requirement for audited accounts
    • All civil proceedings in respect of IBCs may be heard by a judge in Chambers