About Sertus

Sertus Incorporations Limited (Sertus) was founded in early 2013 as a response to Asia’s growing demand for incorporation services, and developments in the incorporation services market.  The founding management team bring together a cohesive set of complementary business skills, setting themselves apart from many operators.  Sertus is independent, owner-managed, client-focused and committed to organic growth, thereby preserving firm core values.


The use of companies to hold assets and to conduct business on behalf of shareholders dates back to 18th Century England.  For over 200 years, companies were incorporated in the countries in which the businesses were formed, however in more recent times, company incorporation has gone ‘offshore’ with the physical founding of a business and company creation often being geographically separate.  Offshore companies are increasingly used for a variety of purposes, including commerce, trading, asset protection, estate planning, tax efficiency and confidentiality.  These world-wide developments are unlikely to reverse and nowhere have they been more pronounced than in Asia.


China’s economic rise over the past twenty years is well-documented, with the manufacturing/export model now giving way to more balanced business formation across a range of sectors.  All sectors require incorporation services, whether they be on- or off-shore, however the level of service provided varies greatly.


Sertus is positioned to provide quality service to discerning clients who need fast, efficient and informed support.  Management and staff understand both the needs of Asian business in general, and Chinese clients in particular, as well as the concerns of offshore jurisdictions.  As Asia continues to develop and grow, Sertus will act as a bridge between offshore jurisdictions and Asian business.